I Remember You


Hi everyone!

I wanted to share this very special video with you today!

It is for all of us!

It is inspired by & in loving remembrance of

my fiancé Steven & our precious baby

It is titled I Remember You & is the first piece I was inspired to compose shortly before I was strong enough to celebrate Baby S. for the first time {publicly} in March of 2013. The words presented themselves quickly & easily in treasured remembrance of Baby Sabrowske & Steven!

I converted it to video form & shared it to one of our FB pages yesterday.

Let me know what you think…


✯ Steven J. Sabrowske Sr. ✯

February 24, 1964 – January 4, 2011

Baby Sabrowske {Baby S.}

March 2, 2011


Memorial Day

In honor of our men & women of service!
remembering all those who have gone before us 

Stevee B & the ske gulls

I raise & toast to you

Dove 2015

We softly bid a fond farewell to 2014 as we unite in welcoming in 2015!

With an (imagined) clink of the glass, I raise & toast
May it be a year embraced in special moments, memories, milestones & the warmth of everlasting love 

Three quick updates

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

We have a new AFSP page up & running now for Steven J. Sabrowske Sr. (Remembered). It is called A reason for STEVEN for anyone who wishes to join us. If you have an AFSP page also, please let us know so we can virtually support (and/or perhaps donate) in support of you as well…


Celebrate in UNITY:

We are still accepting honorees for anyone who would like to be acknowledged in our 3rd annual tribute by the water on July 4th. If you are not yet familiar with Celebrate in UNITY, please follow our link on over to read about our celebration & how you can be included in our 2014 tribute (it may be our last year publicly).

Photos are being incorporated for the first time this year too for anyone comfortable in sharing one of his/her loved one(s) and/or beloved pet.

*If photos are being shared…please forward all photos (in confidence) to this email dcb1016@gmail.com as soon as you can…there’s only a few days left before the celebration*



Each & every kindness & generous donation made to this blog continue to be put towards much needed supplies in the making of our keepsakes. I just wanted to alert my friends & followers that a voluntary change has been made that affects my PayPal account so as of now, any/all donations made within the next week or so will most likely not process. Going forward, it would be best for anyone wishing to donate to us, to do so perhaps the second or third week of July. Again, thank you to all our previous & ongoing donors. Your appreciation, generosity & love are very much appreciated & help in so very many ways. The support has been remarkable…


Celebrating Steven’s 50th ❤ Perpetually 46

(Quick note) It is Saturday evening! Looking ahead to sharing this celebration day with everyone who is ‘joining’ us Monday on facebook! Thank you so much…xo

Beautiful surprise!

Today, I would like to extend the most sincere thank you to our friend & follower Abigail Wolfer for kindly donating to my mission & in efforts to comfort others in outreach! Albeit it is quite gratifying to meet & create keepsakes for others who reach us in their sorrow & so very rewarding to hear & see how our gifts help heal their heart(s), it is wonderfully uplifting to receive such a generous gift in appreciation! I have only implemented PayPal recently due to the ongoing cost in supplies, recent increase in shipping charges & truthfully, too many let downs in email inquiries & assured financial & craft donations.

The opportunities to make keepsakes for all we have in remembrance of their loved one(s) thus far have truly been a privilege. A genuine privilege I do not take for granted. My mementos will continue to be a ‘gift’ of the heart in remembrance & honor of my own losses for which this blog was inspired, & it is with tremendous gratitude that we touch hearts worldwide!

This donation is especially meaningful as it is my first! Thank you Abigail!

~Peace (to all)



FLIGHT (Fiancés lost in grief heal TOGETHER) 

Sharing my new group with you that I recently created on facebook! (few days old)

Even one share from you can reach many I simply cannot. You never know who may be suffering in silence and/or know someone who may know someone who is. Will you help me share it…?

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