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I continue to be quite moved & tremendously grateful in receiving so many touching emails & photos, wonderful feedback & deeply treasured & very beautiful gifts & keepsakes in remembrance that I display with pride! My most sincere of condolences, utmost respect & deepest of thank you for your honesty in sharing in your grief, & for allowing my mission to help provide some additional comfort! My main intent rests solely in providing a level of peace to you with my keepsake(s) yet you have blessed me with immeasurable joy as well for which a mere thank you seems so small in comparison! THANK YOU…


The Kindness of Strangers/Angels
It’s just a touch over 3 months now since I lost my oldest brother Chris. But there’s a different reason that I keep crying. A kind and loving stranger/angel named Rhonda has offered to make a special keepsake for me. Even though she has never met me or Chris. Even though, in my opinion, her losses were much larger and more painful than mine. I can’t even begin to express how much her thoughtfulness and just the INTENT, let alone the actual keepsake, have touched me. Thank you Rhonda. You have restored my faith in many things. Please check out her website HERE


Kudos and Finale
I would like to give a (LONG overdue) kudos and shout out to Rhonda at:
You are always in my Heart
When I was heavy with grief over the loss of my brother, Rhonda found my blog and offered to make a special keepsake for me. This was from a total stranger who had been through much greater tragedy than I. Rhonda – you will never know fully how much your love, compassion and kindness mean to me and how much it helped me. THANK YOU!


You Are Always In My Heart

During the past few months I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people. I am so thankful for all of my BLM friends and feel especially grateful to those who have taken the time to send beautiful gifts in Gabriel’s memory. I am constantly overwhelmed by the generosity and support that exists here in the BL community. Today I’d like to send a heartfelt thanks to a very special BLM named Rhonda at You Are Always In My Heart, who sent me this beautiful handmade heart with Gabriel’s name. As soon as I received it, I hung it on my window so I could take a picture of it in the sunlight. I just can’t get over how lovely it is and how such a simple gesture has brought me so much joy. I hope that everyone takes a moment to visit her website and read her heartbreaking and inspiring story. You can also view her beautiful gallery of hearts, and make a request if you would like a heart in memory of your baby(ies).


You are always in my Heart
I received this wonderful handmade heart with Alanna Phoebe’s name last week from Rhonda. I was so touched and surprised to see it on our mailbox. I know that she was sending  them to me but honestly, I was so occupied with my kids and my loss that I forgot all about it. Still mending my broken heart from my loss that a lot of things I forget. It says sender “Paul” on the envelope–no last name, I pause and think who would have send me something. I had to feel what’s inside before opening it. Then my heart jumped and I thought of Rhonda. I opened it so fast that I really ripped the envelope. I cried and saw my Alanna Phoebe’s name. It’s so beautiful! I thought the colors where perfect, there’s a heart shaped hole, ribbon(so people can hang it),love the butterfly and flower that she put plus the footprint is so cute. She even added something at the back of the heart “Our Forever Baby”. I was just expecting just blank plain at the back but she really did an awesome job. When she took a photo before sending it to me, I only saw the front so I was really surprised to see the back portion of it. She really did her time making it, and this I will never forget. I will never forget what Rhonda, her Steven and  Baby Sabrowske did for me. Her site really says it  “You are Always in my heart”.
Her story touched my heart, please feel free to visit her website You are always in my Heart and read her inspiring story. Check her site and you can make request if you would like handmade hearts in memory of your child(ren).
I hang it on the door knob where I put Alanna’s
ashes and things. Our Mini Cabinet-Shadow box.
Now it has her name on it. Thanks Rhonda, Steven
& Baby S. ♥♥♥


at PinWheels From Heaven
Sponsored donation to Laken’s Bears on behalf of Baby Sabrowske
Melissa from Laken’s Bears writes “Remembering baby Sabrowske March 02, 2011. Angel baby of Rhonda. Donated by Shauna Cox


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