HOW MUCH DO YOUR HEARTS COST? (FREE of charge) My hearts are a gift of the heart!
HOW BIG ARE THE HEARTS? They measure just under 6 & 1/2″ at the widest across, baby hearts are just over 5 & 1/2″
WHAT COLOR ARE THE LETTERS? Black (male names) * white and/or silver (female), but will interchange upon request.  Gender specific for babies names, yellow used for unknown (when available)
DO YOU PUT ANYTHING ON THE BACK? I have varied sayings I stamp on the back
WILL YOU HONOR A SPECIAL REQUEST? I view all requests as SPECIAL, but yes, I will honor outside the norm if I feel it is within my means (note that it may take longer to fulfill)
CAN I REQUEST MORE THAN ONE HEART? Yes, you can request one for each loss you would like to acknowledge
HOW WILL I KNOW IF YOU RECEIVED MY REQUEST? I will always email you to confirm within 4-6 weeks of your request. If you have not seen a message from me within that specified period…please check your spam folder(s) & filters
HOW LONG BEFORE MY HEART ARRIVES AFTER I HAVE MADE A REQUEST? This of course would depend on location. Upon notification of your request, you will receive a follow-up email on the average within 4-6 weeks time that it is ready for delivery
WILL YOU SHIP ANYWHERE? Yes, grief has no boundary, no restrictions! I ship nationwide
HOW ARE THEY SHIPPED? Your heart will arrive first class, in a 6 x 9 envelope via the USPS (unless two or more)
I WANT TO HELP SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE. HOW CAN I DONATE? Thank you so much…I deeply appreciate your kindness & generosity! We have a link to PayPal available for anyone who would like to make a monetary contribution on our behalf. Thank you!
WILL YOU ACCEPT A MONEY ORDER/CASHIER CHECK AS MY DONATION? Yes, these forms of donation are acceptable. Thank you! Please rest assured that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of ALL donations are put towards the ongoing need for materials necessary in making/shipping all my keepsakes


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