Beautiful surprise!

Today, I would like to extend the most sincere thank you to our friend & follower Abigail Wolfer for kindly donating to my mission & in efforts to comfort others in outreach! Albeit it is quite gratifying to meet & create keepsakes for others who reach us in their sorrow & so very rewarding to hear & see how our gifts help heal their heart(s), it is wonderfully uplifting to receive such a generous gift in appreciation! I have only implemented PayPal recently due to the ongoing cost in supplies, recent increase in shipping charges & truthfully, too many let downs in email inquiries & assured financial & craft donations.

The opportunities to make keepsakes for all we have in remembrance of their loved one(s) thus far have truly been a privilege. A genuine privilege I do not take for granted. My mementos will continue to be a ‘gift’ of the heart in remembrance & honor of my own losses for which this blog was inspired, & it is with tremendous gratitude that we touch hearts worldwide!

This donation is especially meaningful as it is my first! Thank you Abigail!

~Peace (to all)



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