Thank you


I extend immense gratitude to everyone in genuine support of my sites & me. Thank you to those who have visited my most recent fundraising American Foundation for Suicide Prevention page on behalf of Dollface Defenders & to those in appreciation of the tireless efforts made by AFSP. I only registered for the Out of the Darkness Walk a mere 5 days ago & honestly had not expected more than minimal views prior to the day. I am grateful to all who have taken a moment to visit this page & especially delighted to have reached my initial goal set at $16 (it is no secret why the number 16 is meaningful to me) within just 48 hours of setting this page up. This, by way of an (anonymous) donor! I am sharing this post to all outlets whereas I do not know from which direction they came, but there is an undeniable excitement in not knowing their identity as well. And with that I just hope they are reached & further know how deeply touched I am in such a heartfelt gesture made on our behalf. Your gesture & generosity have left me with a tremendous feeling of love & many happy tears for Steven. My current AFSP fundraising page will be up until the New Year, & as registration begins for a new walk, so will a new fundraising page. Likes, shares & so forth are of course well received on any of my sites & anyone can join/support the Dollface Defenders team in spirit without having to physically be there. Every ONE matters & will be recognized. I continue to be amazed, thank you for any/all interaction(s) given to each one of my sites in acknowledgment!

Also, thank you to those honoring my feedback on facebook & who have been communicating away from their site as well since May (this excludes any/all interactions on Steven J. Sabrowske Sr. (Remembered)‘s page! An extra special thank you to those who have taken a moment to extend their gratitude in expressing the impact Celebrate in UNITY has had on them also.

Additional thanks go out to cute lil Patrice from a local TV station who kindly asked about my Fiancé Steven! Thank you for your genuine interest, evident compassion & willingness to pose for such a beautiful photo as I walked by! You are just as sweet as your smile & smiling eyes. A lovely keepsake in remembrance of a lovely day! Thank you for letting me introduce you to one remarkable man!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart”



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