Baby S’ Special Day!

Sweet Celebration Day for Baby Sabrowske

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Where: In your heart


March 2, 2011, Baby Sabrowske separated from my care entering directly into Heaven, embraced in the caring arms of his/her loving Daddy, Steven. To acknowledge this day for the first time would bring about the greatest of happiness upon my heart. A comfort like nothing else. I know they will feel my joy!


For those unfamiliar with my story, Steven & I dated in the early 90’s & reunited on facebook the end of August 2010, after almost 17 years apart. We had never gotten over the other & could not believe our luck to be together again. A relationship was immediately established, & we were soon engaged in October of 2010. We had just begun to discuss our wedding, & talk of a family. My fiancé Steven died by suicide January 4, 2011. After an overwhelming feeling difficult to describe & several tests later, I tested positive for child (my 1st & only pregnancy) & shared this news with Steven the only way I could. March 2, 2011, while still in shock over losing him, Baby S. joined his/her Daddy & left me behind. I could not even begin to confront this grief until September of 2011. It truly became a reality on October 16, when I apologized to him at his grave site for failing him. This, the day he proposed.


I have been blessed in the gift of their beautiful love, & tremendously grateful for connecting with many through their inspirations that have introduced us. The first year is gone. My only wish is to honor our baby on what is their 2nd Celebration Day.


My heart reaches out to you. Can you feel it…




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